LG Optimus 7 – Updated to WP7.8

To make a long story short, I read the news at WPCentral, where rumors about all existing WP7.5 Windows Phones (no matter which the manufacturer was) were to be upgraded to WP7.8 in the next hours. That seemed to good (and optimistic) to be true, especially as manufacturers like LG and HTC have stated that they were not interested in supporting their older Wp7.5 devices.

Waking up today and without checking any news, I decided to plug my LG Optimus 7 to my laptop and open Zune – in fact

LG_Update_31012013_1I first checked through the WiFi connection of my phone for updates and it showed that some updates were available and I had to connect my phone to my computer (which I had already done by then). After checking for updates through Zune, I got two of them along with a long backup of my phone’s content and then the third one was… WP7.8! Everything was done automatically, so there was no need to “push” or “trick” this update to my phone. Has Microsoft decided to show to its reluctant partners like LG and HTC who is the boss in the field of Windows Phones? We will never now; however, it seems that those who stated that the update was up to MS and not the manufacturers were right.


LG_Update_31012013_3I was never fond of this update, nor I was really disappointed to hear that LG is not to update the Optimus 7 to WP7.8. The main features were purely cosmetic (large and small tiles along with more color accents!) and for the rest of the fixes there were not much mentioned. So far, the standard size of the tiles looks bigger than I would like and the small ones tiny for my large fingers – as for the color accents? No comment! However, I like to see my devices always up-to-date featuring all the latest firmware and features and this is why I ended up with this update.


6 thoughts on “LG Optimus 7 – Updated to WP7.8

  1. I am using a LG E900 (from Vodafone, Germany) and presently using in India. During 1st week of Feb’13 I got updated to 7.10.8779.8 build through ZUNE and it is not WP7.8… Just curious to know whether both the fones (of ours) are different by hardware?!

    1. Well, I find this hard to believe, so I guess that it will only take you a little bit longer in order to update to 7.8 automatically. My current OS version is 7.10.8858.136 and is definitely the WP7.8 update. Other numbers? Firmware version / Radio Software version:, Hardware:, Radio Hardware version, Bootloader version: Please let me know if they are they same as yours.

      1. Thanks for the interest shown, my mobile phone data as follows:
        Radio Hardware:
        Bootloader version:
        Chip SOC version :
        firmware/radio software version :
        everything matches except for the firmware/radio software may be because urs got upgraded else don’t know.

        Hope will have to wait for automatic update.

        One more query how is your battery back up against ur usage? can you please share.. mine when it charges 100% it shows hardly 24hrs back up time… and yesterday ran youtube on wifi for 50mins when battery was hovering around 60% at around 2230HRS and at morning around 0520HRS the battery was running critically low i.e., 8~10%

      2. well, my original battery got bloated and I recently changed it with a higher capacity one (see my previous post). The new one lasts for 1 1/2 day max with minimum usage (few calls and a little bit wifi). Internet is really killing battery, let alone Youtube etc.

  2. Hope you remember me.. only today my phone got updated to OS version 7.10.8862.144 from 7.10.8779.8 (at least there were four updates at a stretch). Don’t know how the battery will respond now.. nice to see your blog on 2430mAh battery for this phone..

    1. Well, that’s the latest version of Windows Phone 7.8. This update is supposed to fix an issue with the live tiles, which was available in the precious version. Let’s see how it goes.

      I am glad you liked my post on the new battery, which seems to be going pretty well (almost two days with minimum usage).

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