LG Optimus 7 – Minor upgrade

Well,don’t expect too much… since LG officially announced that the Optimus 7 will not receive the WP7.8 update, my device should not expect any special care apart from being in good shape to serve my daily needs. I wasn’t really anxious to receive the WP7.8 update, but still I was frustrated by the lack of support for this device from LG…this will affect my future purchases of course.

Apart from that, I recently noticed that the battery life is sometimes awfully short. Sometimes, it will not even hold for more than some hours before the mobile shuts off, which is pretty annoying, especially if you are not close to a power source (which was the case some days ago). Therefore, I decided to make myself (and Optimus 7) a gift and buy a brand new battery, hoping that this will solve the problem. The battery was ordered about a week ago via Ebay, arrived just yesterday and will be tested in the next days to see how things will go with battery life.


It is rated at 2,430 mAh, which is a significant difference compared to the 1,500mAh of the original LG battery, but as they say “size does not matter”… only time will tell if this minor upgrade will be substantial for the daily usage of my mobile phone.


5 thoughts on “LG Optimus 7 – Minor upgrade

    1. No. Not the issue with the vibration and ring nor the problem with the Greek characters are solved, among the issues identified during daily usage. They need to try better than that to keep customers satisfied.

      What I liked was the kick in the ass of LG, who was not willing to work on 7.8 for the Optimus 7. No need to spend your valuable time and effort there LG, MS took care of everything 😉

  1. I thought u would post this battery performance on LG E900 upgraded to WP7.8.. Can I wait 🙂 I am unable to find this gold coloured battery at ebay.in website..

    1. Well, this new battery surely seems to last longer than my exhausted (after extensive usage) original battery; however, do not expect miracles: With light usage (a few calls, Wifi open and light surfing/email checking and some photo shooting/tweaking), the battery will not last for more than 12-16 hours. It may be due to the lack of battery optimization or a common feature of most smartphones but I have never seen one lasting for more than one day.

      In any case I would buy a second same battery, as I am pleased with it as a third-party replacement.

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