Feeling sick

During the last days I feel sick: I have a sore throat, a bad dry cough and my nose is as wet as a dog’s. It may be due to the weather changing constantly (from sunny to rainy and from warm to cold) or due to an allergy that I may have developed during the last years. I can see the pollen floating around me, so this may be the cause. I have tried taking Echinacea pills almost daily and eating at least one orange but I haven’t seen any results. Sometimes I have trouble breathing, especially in the morning or late in the evening. I hope it will pass.

Sandi was kind enough to offer a 2009 series of “London Review of Books”, which I find very convenient to carry with me and read in the Suburban train daily. Each issue contains a large number of articles/reviews on various topics. Even though the language used in most of them is rather “literature-ish” and sometimes hard for me to understand, I really enjoy some of the articles and at the same time I refresh my English language skills (something really useful, as I have to travel quite often abroad, for business purposes).

Sometimes it feels strange, as if I live in a parallel universe. People in Athens and other Greek cities are now protesting for about a week now against the crisis, the government and the measures taken against the people of the world. At the same time, I am struggling at work to finish my daily tasks and this leaves me minimum free time and courage, so I find it really hard to attend and participate in these demonstrations. This contrast, between the solitude of work and reading my reviews while at the same time other people are so actively opposing and protesting makes me feel really bad. I am not unaffected by the crisis either, but still I have some things to take into consideration.

I am so busy at work during the last months, that I don’t have time to do much more in my free time… just to rest!