Windows Anniversary Update is here

…and I am a sucker for updates so I could not wait until I got the automatic update. I spend my minimum free time during the past two days updating my two laptops and my one tablet (the infamous Turbo-X WinTab) to the long-awaited Windows Anniversary Update. I didn’t have time to check performance or issues but I got them all updated; that’s all that matters.


I had an issue of insufficient free disk space with my 32GB tablet (with about 20GB free) but it was quickly solved; I only had to plug an external hard disk, which was automatically detected by Windows as a medium for temp storage and so I managed to install the update.

On the other hand, it seems that Windows Phones will have to wait a bit before they are updated, too… things are not moving really fast there…

If you also want to get the update manually, check out this blog post by Microsoft.


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