Leaving home without my wristwatch

….is never a good thing – and not only for practical reasons. When it happened to me, a couple of days ago, I knew that the day would go wrong.

I found myself running to the bus stop a bit late, only to find a sign that the bus stop had moved three blocks further (due to constructions at that road). When I managed to find the new, temporary one, it took the bus a little bit more to arrive (maybe the bus driver was as confused as we were) and so we only reached the suburban railway station after the train had left.

Killing time

A photo posted by Vassilis (@vprot) on Feb 1, 2016 at 11:57am PST


I managed to reach office at some point, only to realize that I had left some important documents at home; it was a good thing I had digital copies online so I could print them again.The strange thing is that a meeting that I had that day went pretty well (despite the fact that I was not wearing my watch). 🙂


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