Lumia 735 & Windows Phone 10

I have been testing WP10 as an Insider for quite some time now; using my Lumia 720 which does not have a SIM, so I only used it occasionally for browsing, gaming andtaking photos (it has a great camera BTW!). My experience was so and so, with bugs, stuff not properly working and low performance. However, the latest build (10586.29) looked pretty responsive, many bugs were fixed and it looked appropriate for a daily driver. For some strange reasonould not wait until WP10 become officially available for my Lumia.

So I decided to give it a try on my main phone, Lumia 735. It was risky, as the phone was properly set up, it ran WP 8.1 smoothly and I had no issues at all. But I had to do it; I always update all my devices to the latest firmware, OS version, drivers etc.

The first step was to back up everything to the cloud, using the integrated functionality of the OS. Then I installed the Windows Insider app and went for the Fast Ring, so as to get the latest updates. Updates were downloaded, several restarts took place and I set up my Lumia from scratch – no backups were restored. The process took quite a while and kept me up for long but it was worth it: now I have the latest Windows Phone 10 build setup and running. Thanks to my previous experience with my Lumia 720, I was familiar with the new functionalities and settings introduced by WP10, so I was no stranger to the OS. Everything runs smoothly, the phone is at least as responsive as it was with WP8.1 and I am pretty pleased with the experience. Battery life seems the same, too.

Let’s see how it goes and…really looking forward to the new WP10 build!


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