Working with my WinTab

It has been quite a long time since I got my WinTab and the more I use it the more I love it! I have already used it as a laptop in a couple of trips and I felt really comfortable with it – checking emails, working with documents and presentations, reading documents and e-books during a flight and watching movies at night.

Compared to the competition, it has one USB port more (1 full USB 2.0 on the tablet part and another on the keyboard – plus a micro-USB on the tablet side) and on top of that, it sports a dedicated charging port (even if it is pretty proprietary, I still have the charger). Thanks to its size it is really portable so I usually just throw it in my backpack and I tend to use it a lot at home, as there is hardly space now to use my 15,6-inch laptop (plus the tablet boots up much faster!). Sometimes I use it as a basic media player, plugging it to my TV through its micro-HDMI cable and watching movies and TV series I have stored in the microSD card.

On the other hand, I have realized that the battery life is not great (but better than my laptop’s) and this may be due to the fact that the minimum brightness setting is still pretty bright. I am usually using a small utility called PangoBright for dimming the screen a bit – and this leads to improved battery life. In addition, I still haven’t got used to its keyboard – it’s not only that the keys are small (I have tested other keyboards of the same size and they felt better like the one of the Asus T100) but the keys have a strange feeling when pressed, like balloons or something.

I believe that the tablet would benefit from a portable, even foldable, keyboard and a wireless mouse (both Bluetooth).This combination, along with a projection of the screen onto a larger monitor would significantly improve things when working with large documents or spreadsheets is required. The processor seems to handle such tasks easily, at least until a load point.


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