Another attempt to revive Acer 751h

I admit it; my Acer Aspire One 751h started collecting dust as soon as I got my WinTab; this tablet fulfills my needs more than I expected, so there is no use for the now Linux-powered netbook.

However, I recently managed to get my hands on some RAM modules that happened to be the same brand and type as my netbooks – but they were 2GB modules! I did what I wanted to do; I swapped the 1GB RAM module with the 2GB one and booted Peppermint OS 6 (the last Linux distro I installed) in order to check any performance improvements…not! Maybe due to the fact that the OS was installed while the netbook only had 1GB of RAM (so the swap partition size was set to 1GB), maybe not, no improvement was obvious.

Next test? Test the netbook for once more with Windows 10. Last time I tried them (netbook with just 1 GB or RAM) the performance was so poor that I got rid of them almost immediately. I did not have a valid license of Windows 7/8 (the netbook came with Windows XP) so I went for the Windows Insider option (see also here) –  setup Windows 10 Home 32-bit and then opt for the Fast ring of updates. The Windows are not activated but I avoid having all these restrictions of a pirate copy. Setup was pretty quick and after booting I installed all updates (Store and Windows), selected the Fast ring for the updates and then reboot again…but something was not right: screen resolution! It was lower than the native one.

I found out that GMA 500, the GPU of the netbook, was not supported at all in Windows 10 – no drivers available, nothing. So I decided to use the Windows 7 ones, the latest ones available – and after a reboot they worked!

Performance, at least at this point, is not great. The netbook is usable with Windows 10 Home but not snappy: some menus take a couple of seconds to appear, video performance is pretty poor but I still need time for evaluating the performance of my netbook with the new OS but I am not very optimistic about that. Time shall tell if Windows 10 is a keeper this time or if I will return to one of the numerous Linux distros I have tested during the last years on the same machine.


3 thoughts on “Another attempt to revive Acer 751h

  1. I know that you feel like a child in a toy store each time you do these things, and I know how much it fascinates you and I know that you love writing about them! You also know how much I love reading about them, so please don’t stop! Having said that, it’s amazing how you treat a laptop that should be used as a door-stop or something, like it’s your 20 year old car, like our fathers have, polishing it day in, day out, fixing all the dents and keep trying, still! I fully understand! I do, but it feels like these days nothing is build to last, let alone to be updated and upkept! Your Acer, is probably the last one working on the Galaxy, but I know that it’s YOUR Acer, and that’s all that matters! Keep em coming!

    1. That’s exactly the feeling; all the satisfaction you get from cuddling such a small and now almost-useless machine that has gone way beyond its generation and expected lifetime. It may sound funny, but I still remember all those trips I made, carrying my 751h with me from Graz to Washington, summer holidays typing with salty fingers, commuting to the AUA lab with my bike and my tiny (then) 751h in my backpack, spending sleepless nights while trying to repair an existing Windows installation or test a new Linux distribution…all these memories are distilled and reflected on this tiny laptop.

      And thanks for the kind words and the repost Nikos! I am glad you like such posts because I enjoy working on them, too, usually during the nights after everyone else has gone to bed 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Me & my Metadata and commented:
    It’s our generation, or the one of our fathers’? I think it’s a mindset, not to abandon and give up on anything. Or just to be a glorified ragman! This is what I do as well, and this is what a good post looks like! Keep em coming Vassilis!

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