Things I like & hate about my Turbo-X WinTab

I expect the lists below to be updated at some point:

Thing I love:

  1. It has a full-size USB port on top of the common micro-USB; this means I can plug at least two USB devices at once.
  2. It has an additional full-size USB port on the keyboard part, which makes the system even more extensible.
  3. It can charge through its proprietary charging port, so I can work and charge it at the same time, without unplugging any USB devices (the micro-USB port can also be used for charging).
  4. It is compact and easy to carry around.
  5. Boots much faster than my new laptop, so I tend to use it more frequently compared to my laptop when e.g. looking for information online.
  6. The tablet/system is responsive enough for daily tasks, like document editing, blogging, email, social media and video playback (even full HD); it does not complain instantly when multitasking.
WinTab & Lumia 735
WinTab & Lumia 735

Things  I hate:

  1. The keyboard sucks; it is small and the keys are hard to press correctly (for my fat fingers), having a strange behaviour. I literally cannot type long texts using it (I am writing this one though!) so I am thinking of a bluetooth one. FYI, the one I have used in other similar tablets (the Asus Transformerbook T100) was way better; actually usable.
  2. When the keyboard is used, each time I move the screen/tablet to a different angle, the keyboard is instantly deactivated (like removed and identified again by the system; I clearly hear the notification sound)
  3. Sometimes, when I connect the keyboard after I have used the tablet for a while, the keyboard is not recognized and I need to reset the system to make it work.
  4. Right-clicking using the touchpad is not very precise; the right part of the touchpad does not click equally to the left one.
  5. Minimum screen brightness is still high for my eyes (and apparently results in lower battery lifetime).
  6. The power button is so close to the Vol Up that I keep deactivating the tablet while I actually want to increase the volume
  7. Storage space is not sufficient, if I want to use the tablet as my daily driver; all my work files are stored on the cloud (DropBox & OneDrive) and I can’t sync them with my tablet.
  8. Screen is a tad smaller than I would like; it is not bad but the Surface one might be more convenient to me.

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