Lenovo G550 & Windows 10 clean install

I took some time last night to perform a clean install of Windows 10 to my old Lenovo G550 (which was upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 Pro).

It took me quite a while, because I opted for the following steps first:

  • removed all unnecessary software.
  • cleaned up the hard disk using the standard Windows tool and CCleaner.
  • took an image of the system using the standard Windows 10 tool.
  • backed up the product number, just in case
  • created a bootable disk using the Windows Media Creation tool.
  • Installed Windows 10 Pro Greek (from the English version; my mother will appreciate this  – see below).
  • Set up some basic apps that its new owner will need, like Skype, Dropbox, Firefox and Teamviewer, so that I can help her when things go wrong).

This laptop is going to replace my mother’s malfunctioning one, which currently runs Windows XP, does not have a built-in webcam and has some issues with the wireless connectivity. It is an aging machine that she kept as she only uses it for Skype, email and light web browsing. However, using an external webcam and trying to enable WiFi through a keyboard shortcut (Fn+F2) was making her life hard.

What about me though? Well, I am going to use my Acer Aspire ES1-512 as a daily workhorse at home; it was about time that it went out of the closet after several months of inactivity. It has also gone through the same process (upgrade to Windows 10 and then a format & clean install) in order to make sure that it will perform 100% of its limited capabilities.


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