Getting the (free) upgrade to Windows 10 to another laptop

Yeap, that was the last one; my office workhorse, a Toshiba Satellite C670 just received a delayed upgrade to Windows 10. As I had already gone through the process twice (for my two home laptops), I felt confident enough to let it proceed while I was working. I let it download and set up everything in the background and when the time for the restarts came, I just took my lunch break and watched everything happen 🙂

Everything went smoothly and I faced no issue at all: All hardware was correctly identified, all setting remained intact and only the desktop icons were messed up (but they were only a few). I just had to reset a couple of times after everything was set up, as I noticed some performance glitches; then everything went back to normal.

The plan is to spend some time at home with the specific machine and perform a clean install of Windows 10 (yeap, you can do so after you have upgraded to Windows 10 without the need to know the serial number).


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