Upgrading my Lumia 720 to the latest WP10 Technical Preview build

Well, I got fed up with the situation and I decided to take the big step; I downgraded to Windows Phone 8.1 in order to see if I could install the latest TP build of WP10 (10.0.10536.1004). It was a longer process than I expected…only the process of restoring Windows 8.1 took me more than 1 hour! These are the steps I followed:

  1. Use the Microsoft tool for restoring Windows 8.1
  2. Go through the setup of Windows 8.1 before I can install the Insider app
  3. I had to install Cyan & Denim updates, restarting several times
  4. Cancel all time-consuming pending updates in the Store and install the Windows Insider app.
  5. Go through the installation of Windows 10 as an upgrade
  6. Hard reset and go through a clean installation of Windows 10
  7. Setup everything from scratch (apps, settings, accounts etc.)

I was working on other things in parallel so the whole process took me more than 4-5 hours in total. Was it worth it? YES!

My Lumia 720 is much more responsive with Windows Phone 10 now and I see less bugs. I still can’t tell about the battery consumption but the performance is greatly improved! I just hope that the upcoming builds will also be on the responsive side…


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