Wintab 2-in-1: Issue with charger and upgrade to Windows 10!

One of the advantages of the specific tablet is that you get a charger (with a strange plug) for charging it; this means that you don’t need to occupy the micro-USB port for this purpose and as a result, you can plug another micro-USB device.

One of the issues that I noticed from the first days with Wintab was that this charger was not fully charging the tablet (it only reached about 70-75%) and then it stopped charging – so I started using the micro-USB charger for this purpose.

After some weeks, I noticed that the charger was getting really hot (hard to touch it while charging) and at the same time the red charging light on the tablet started flashing – that was a bad sign! In the end, the charger went dead; it would get warm (not hot) but would not charge the tablet.

For once more I headed to Plaisio, to have the charger checked. They did and insisted that the plug (pin) of the charger was damaged and that this was the cause; so I had to buy a new one. While passing by the section with the chargers, I noticed a demo tablet like mine – running Windows 10! So I went home, used the new charger for topping up the battery and got an image of my system using an external hard disk. After that, I started working on the upgrade to Windows 10, the notification for which I kept seeing during the last weeks.

The result: Everything went smoothly, the tablet rebooted normally and the touch screen & display adapter were correctly recognized! For some days now, the tablet runs smoothly on Windows 10, activated and fully functional! Just to be on the safe side, I also got an image of the system at this point, too.

Yes, Turbo-X Wintab 2-in-1 tablet CAN run Windows 10. Flawlessly. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wintab 2-in-1: Issue with charger and upgrade to Windows 10!

  1. Μάλλον χρειάζομαι το SileadTouch.sys και SileadTouch.fw (νομίζω είναι μέσα στο drivers φάκελο).
    Μπορείς να τα ανεβάσεις;
    Όλα τα υπόλοιπα περιφειακά δουλεύουν καλά εκτός το touch στα windows 10.
    Ευχαριστώ και πάλι!!!

  2. Συγγνώμη και πάλι μήπως έχει το αρχείο στο c:\windows ή στο c:windows\inf ;
    Μάλλον αυτό χρειάζεται για τo calibration….

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