On the Aegean Airlines Customer Support

I recently had an issue related to my Aegean Miles+Bonus (the new one); and when I say recently, it must have been back in early November 2014: Due to the fact that when I created my Miles&Bonus account (the old one), I did not have a passport nor an ID with Latin characters so I made a mistake when entering my first name in the application. Despite the fact that the first name in the account did not match the way my name was spelled in both my new ID and passport, I never had an issue with that so after a lot of flights (mostly with Aegean Airlines), I managed to reach the Gold level/status with my card.

When I tried to merge my old Miles&Bonus account with the one I had for Olympic Airways (after the two companies were merged and their loyalty programmes followed after a while), so that I could have my OlympicAir miles transferred to my new Miles+Bonus account, I got an error message prompting me to contact the Aegean Airways Customer Support, as the first names in my two accounts did not match (because I managed to use my correct first name when creating my account with Olympic Airways).

The old version of the Aegean Gold Miles & Bonus card
The old version of the Aegean Gold Miles & Bonus card

I hate phones (yes, I hate them, I have a strange phobia when I talk over phone), so I tried contacting the Miles+Bonus Customer Support team through the online form here and another one I found within the Miles+Bonus page (I cannot find it right now). I got no response so I tried again after a couple of weeks. Not a single answer, so I tried emailing Miles+Bonus. Nothing. Repeated the process both through email and contact form. Nada.

The new version of the Aegean Gold Miles + Bonus card

After a while, a decided to contact the Aegean through their really active Twitter account. They responded after a while and said that they’ll look into it but never got a response. After sending them a reminder I was asked to call Customer Care (but I hate phones, I have this strange phone-phobia – after all, I might as well be mute). I kept sending emails & enquiries through the contact form and new DMs to their Twitter account. In the end (and after about 3 months!), the Twitter team managed to make an Aegean CC representative respond to my email; and not only that, they actually fixed the issue (= corrected my name in the Miles+Bonus account) and let me know about that! After that, I managed to transfer my miles to my new account and everything was set.

Thank you all for the excellent collaboration and help but please-please-please try to be more responsive next time, especially for such simple issues!

Next Aegean Airways-related challenge for me: The new Gold Miles+Bonus Card I received (replacing my existing Miles&Bonus) expires 11 months earlier than the one that I already had! Is this a mistake? Does this have to do with new rules (that I was not informed about) or the fact that I did not travel that often after the summer of 2014 (for personal reasons)? I don’t know but I plan to figure out, so I am preparing my next round of communication with the Aegean CC team!


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