My first (and only) tablet is an old Lenovo A1 tablet, bought about 3 year ago – I have written some stuff about it some months ago, so I am not going into details.

The tablet had some hard times in the past, being constantly flashed with various ROMs, including an unofficial one of Android 4.0.4 (which was rather buggy and battery-killer), so I ended up with some custom Android 2.3.4 ones. The last time I flashed the tablet was several months ago and something went wrong with the process restoring things from the 4.0.4, so I ended up with the only ROM that I could flash at that point – probably due to the incompatibility with the partitioning I did.

That last ROM was CM7not my favorite (compared to the excellent ones provided by Graham & Milaq who were porting Cyanogen nightly ROMs); it had some useless apps pre-installed (some of them had expired and I had to cope up with reminders and other messages from the app) and the whole user interface was rather ugly. I tried to get rid of it, but for incompatibility reasons I could not go back to the Cyanogen ROMs so I soon gave up; after all, I was not heavily using the tablet anymore.

A couple of days ago, while my 4-year-old son was playing with the tablet, he managed to lock it by playing with the dots of the lock pattern (which he thought it was a game). He tried so many times the wrong combination, that he locked the tablet for good. Even I was not able to unlock it in the end (the recovery using the email and password was not working for some strange reason) so after some hours of online searching for ways to unlock it or even to back things up through ADB) I gave up and tried to format everything and set the tablet to its previous state.

I tried finding some old guides I had for flashing my A1, but most of them were not available anymore while the links to the files needed were also broken…this made things even worse. In the end, I found a rather helpful guide by David Artisssome links were also broken there, but I managed either to find them elsewhere or to find them in old backups I had in several places. The steps I performed were the following:

  1. Using ClockworkMod I flashed the original ROM of the A1 (the one that it came with)
  2. I re-flashed ClockworkMod and then the latest one (6.X.X)
  3. I flashed the latest CyanogenMod nightly ROM for the A1 that I managed to download from Milaq’s list
  4. I rooted A1 by installing a zip file inside CWM
  5. I installed Google Apps through CWM
  6. I set up all the apps that I needed etc.

Unfortunately I did not keep track of the exact steps as I was mostly playing around and testing several different things on order to make things work, so the aforementioned list might not be 100% accurate. The point is that I was forced to do this process from scratch after many months and in this context I succeeded in installing a CyanogenMod ROM much better than the one I had before the tablet was accidentally locked by my son!


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