Home network update Part 1: Modem/router replacement

I have been having issues with the network at home for quite some time now. I suspected that the cause of the disconnections was not the laptop but the modem/router; the old and probably worn Thomson TG585 v7 was my first one and obtained through my DSL provider back in 2009. It has been working almost 24/7 since then and I found it normal to start malfunctioning. Even a firmware update to the latest available version ( did not help; my devices kept disconnecting from the home network every now and then.

After doing some online research, I decided to get myself a LEVEL ONE WBR-6603A 150MBPS WIRELESS ADSL2+ PSTN MODEM ROUTER, which I found on sale for 24,90EUR + 3,00 EUR P&P. It seemed like a decent replacement of my existing modem/router with advanced features (many of which I may never use). I have to admit that setting it up was not the easiest part since I found the user interface to be poor and not helpful (nowhere near the Thomson one); however, after some hours of testing I managed to get all the info provided by my DSL provider correctly in the settings of my new router and had my home network up and running again.


It has been about three weeks since then and everything seemed to be functioning smoothly…apart from the home laptop itself (an entry-level Lenovo G550); it kept freezing sometimes and became the bottleneck of the network. So I had to do something about that too!


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