Another one bites the dust – was a really nice app for collecting various notes and related bits and pieces (e.g. photos, links etc.), like the Evernote way. I found out about Catch while searching for a simpler than Evernote Android app for my tablet and it seemed really nice. Below is the description of the app from Google Play:


I liked the idea behind Catch and I used it in some cases; however this app also came to an end, leaving a gap to its users, who will have to migrate to another app; it is a good thing that Catch sent a notification email about this situation, also providing a mean of exporting data.





This reminded me of the Fotopic case, which also ceased operation in a similar way, some months ago, despite its relatively large user base.

Even though I was not a heavy or dedicated Catch user, I wasn’t glad to see it becoming history. Each app has its own space and fans and the more alternatives there are, the better for the users; however, it seems that market does not work like that,..


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