Olympus E-PM1: Wish/Shopping list

It looks like I will have to create a list of accessories that I would like to add to my brand-new Olympus E-PM1.

  • Aki Asahi custom leather kit: Have I mentioned that I hate the white color of my E-PM1? This nice accessory will not only partly hide the color but will also change the touch and feel of the camera. Not really expensive, so it is within my budget.
  • Olympus VF-3 Electronic viewfinder: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you cannot make me shoot by framing using the LCD screen after 10 years of using an optical viewfinder. VF-3 is not cheap (even though cheaper than VF-2), but it seems that it will significantly enhance my shooting experience.
  • Olympus BCL-15mm f8.0 Body Lens Cap: It’s simple, cheap and provides interesting photos. On top of that it makes an E-PM1 really portable and also acts as a body cap! Now that I got my Panasonic 14 mm/f2.5, I cannot find a use for this apparently inferior lens…
  • Sigma 19mm f/2.8 EX DN: A relatively cheap, wide and fast lens, it could turn into my first prime. I could also take advantage of the large aperture for low-light situations, where the use of flash would spoil the photo. However, I realized that it is rather bulky and after the purchase of the Panasonic 14 mm/f2.5, I find it rather impossible to go for the specific lens in the near future.

In the meantime, I have already bought the following stuff for my Olympus:

  • Panasonic LUMIX G 14mm/F2.5 ASPH: It is one of the cheapest pancake lenses for the m4/3 system and excellent quality at the same time. Looks pretty nice for street photography and landscapes, and is fast enough for indoor, low-light use. Alternatives could be the more expensive Olympus 17mm/F2.8 (less wide and less fast) & Panasonic 20mm/F1.7 (faster but less wide).
  • Green.L 37mm Haze UV Ultra-Violet Filter Lens Protector: Just a cheap UV filter to protect my 14-42mm lens
  • BLS-5 Battery For Olympus EP-L2 E-PL2 BLS5+Cleaning Pen: Rated at 1250mAh but not an original one, as it was way too expensive. This one costed GBP 5,50, including shipping costs.
  • Flipbac Camera Grip G2: Adding a grip to the camera is always more than welcome, especially when it comes to using bigger lenses. I really miss a nice grip on my E-PM1 and I hope that this grip will be the one I need for holding the camera steady, while at the same time it will provide a feeling closer to a dSLR.

The list is expected to be revised every now and then, but I guess that this is a good start.

Edit 04/04/2013: I just received the replacement battery with the cleaning pen. They arrived really quickly and well-packaged. I tried the battery really quickly; it came fully charged and of course the camera switched on with this battery. Now I will only have to see if it lasts for at least some dozens of shots before it depletes!

Edit 12/04/2013: I just received the Green.L UV filter. It looks ok for protecting the lens from finger-prints and dust but I am not sure about its quality as a UV filter! 😛

Edit 13/04/2013: I just ordered the Flipbac Camera Grip G2 in order to make the feel of the camera closer to a dSLR one. It costed about 10 euros including the registered post.

Edit 24/04/2013: I just received the Flipback camera Grip, which fits really nice to my Pen Mini. After a couple of tries, I found the optimal spot for it on the camera and now things are much better.

Edit 25/04/2013: I just bought a second-hand but in mint condition Panasonic LUMIX G 14mm/F2.5 ASPH for 140 euros, which was a rather quick move.


2 thoughts on “Olympus E-PM1: Wish/Shopping list

  1. Do you use the small flash with your E-PM1? I don’t find anything on your list regarding flashes. I’m looking for info on compatible strobes etc…

    1. Indeed… I have my E-PM1 for almost one year now and I have never even used the small flash which was in the original box. I have not even taken it out of its pouch until now! I never liked the use of flash in my photos, so I just got myself a lens with wide aperture (Panasonic 14mm/F2.5) and I think that even in low-light situations this is enough for me.
      I understand that there are cases where flash could provide either the necessary lighting or create special effects; however, I have never used it even in such cases.

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