This is how it all started: I was watching a TV commercial and I really liked the song; lucky me, I had my tablet in my hands so I only had to press the magic button the start the Soundhound app. In just a few seconds I was informed that this song was “The Whole of the Moon”, by the Waterboys. I had some free time, so I decided to spend some time to read about the Waterboys in the Wikipedia. From there, I found a connection to one of rather old but not forgotten bands, New Model Army (I think it was due to the combination of guitar and violin – but later I realized that NMA did not used a violin that much…). I decided to go on reading about NMA too, and then I realized that Ricky Warwick was one of the former band members – later he left and he formed… The Almighty! (In the meantime I also spent some time browsing about his ex-wife and ex-Headbangers’ Ball hostess, Vanessa Warwick, who is now in the real estate business and apparently married to some other guy, but this is now getting out of my initial search).

The name The Almighty rang some bells in my head, since their second album, titled “Soul Destruction” has been one of my favourites many years ago. So the only thing that I had to do is to find the cd in my (now dusty) collection and send the files to my mp3 player! It was so nice to go through all this punkish rock tracks after all this time! Thank you Waterboys for starting this nice trip in memories!


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