Lenovo Ideapad A1 – Incompatible apps


(image taken from http://thesignalinthenoise.wordpress.com/2010/06/17/121)

A list of Android apps not compatible (for various reasons) with the Lenovo A1 tablet:

  1. Opera Mini Web Browser
  2. Posterous Spaces
  3. QRDroid
  4. FXCamera
  5. Google+
  6. ES File Explorer 1.6.1 update ( is already installed!)
  7. Dolphin Browser HD (Mini is compatible)
  8. AirTickets.gr

It seems that other people started wondering about the same issue, but still I haven’t found any solid answer to the cause of this incompatibility.


Strange, huh? Can be installed in my cheap Android phone but not in A1… 

**EDIT – 06/02/2011**:  It seems that a large part of the incompatibility of A1 with Android apps was due to a strange combination of changed screen density to 200dpi (instead of the native 240dpi) and the new version of the Android Market. So, when I changed the screen density back to 240 dpi & uninstalled the Market update, I could install my long missed apps, like Opera Mini, Airtickets.gr, FXCamera, Google+ etc. The issue was solved by XDA user TippyTurtle, to whom I am grateful!

**EDIT – 21/02/2011**: I just installed Popsci and realized that it works both in 200 and in 240 dpi! Yay!

Apps still incompatible with Lenovo A1:

  1. Quill (Requires Android 3.1)
  2. Google Goggles
  3. Handy Scanner Free PDF Creator

List will be frequently updated; please make sure that you come back soon and contribute to this list with your own incompatible Android apps!


** Last Update: 21/02/2012 ** 



6 thoughts on “Lenovo Ideapad A1 – Incompatible apps

  1. dolphin HD is working beautifully on my ideapad A1 (EXCEPT that i cannot set it as the default browser).i tried the mini, but cannot find ANY option to set that as default.

  2. I tried to install it from the Android Market, but it says that it is incompatible with my device (Lenovo A1), so I cannot even give it a try… that’s strange!

  3. my question is: how do i make it the default browser? every time i check that in dolphin HD, it opens the original app..

  4. yup, Dolphin HD is compatible and works exceptionally well on the A1. I really like the full screen feature add-on. Impossible to make it the default browser…GRRRR. There are quite a few postings on the Levono site regarding others with that problem.

    1. Indeed, it seems that there was an issue with the specific screen density I was using. Now I am back at 160 ppi where everything looks smaller but all apps are compatible!

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