Rooting Lenovo A1 tablet

The first thing I did to my brand-new Lenovo A1 tablet, as soon as I got my hands on it was to flash it with the latest official (albeit leaked) ROM (as there is currently no unofficial one….). It is the 2525_ROW ROM. Of course I cannot be sure of any differences/updates offered by this update, but I always want to have the latest software in my hardware!

I have read a lot of slightly different methods about how to root a Lenovo A1 tablet. Some of them lacked information, others lacked links to the files needed (e.g. the ADB usb drivers for Lenovo and the SuperOneClick package). In addition, another method sent me to the Google Android page, where I was prompted to install the whole SKD in order to ge the drivers! The only one which worked for me is described here.

I had already installed some other ADB drivers but I did the following:

1. Plugged my Lenovo to my laptop and updated the ADB drivers (Android Phone in Device Manager) by pointing to the folder where I extracted the zipped filed described in the post mentioned above.

2. Rooted my Lenovo using SuperOneClickv2.2-ShortFuse (v2.2), as the SuperOneClick_for_LenovoIDEAPAD_A1 which was v2.1.1 did not work for me (giving me a Not Responding error after connecting to the device).

**edit – 16-02-2012**  If you’re having issues with “wait for device” or if RATC is looping, try this:

Unplug your USB Cable
Go to Settings > Applications > Development
Uncheck USB Debugging
Plug in your USB Cable
Unplug your USB Cable
Check USB Debugging
Plug in your USB Cable

taken from the XDA thread.

3. After my Lenovo was rooted, I could use the [LCD Density] app from market and set it to 200 (see also tip #2 here)

4. Now I could also use the [Battery Calibration] app from the Market, in order to make sure that the battery meter is calibrated.


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