Damn… epic fail!

… like the almost always out-of-order ticket vending machines at the Koropi suburban railway station (along with the always out-of-order elevators and escalators). Even though the suburban railway is on strike on specific days of each month, these supporting tools seem to be always on strike!

What I also enjoy is some special offers by Greek online e-shops, like the one on the right. The item has a price reduction of 26%, but still you get to buy it 30 euros more expensive than with its normal price! This is only of of the many mistakes found daily in It seems that updating the website with correct information is not always an easy task. Let alone the availability of the featured items, which are usually presented “In stock” but it may take weeks to get in your hands after you order them…


2 thoughts on “Damn… epic fail!

  1. I think you are confused because of the strikethrough.
    The old price was 189€ so 189 – 26% = 139,86€.

  2. Damn… if you are right, then it’s epic fail for me! Even though they tend to make mistakes in similar cases, in this one you may be right…the strike-through is really confusing :-S

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