In Izmir

Third day in Izmir, my first trip to Turkey. Things look like in Greece more or less but rather cheaper, but this is not strange. I didn’t even needed a passport to enter the country: My new ID with latin characters was enough – the Turkish people know how to attract people/tourists by removing burdens.

I am not a tourist here and I didn’t have the chance to see anything else apart from the Yasar University (a really impressive private university) hosting the project meeting/conference but I cannot complain. Damn, now that I think about it, I missed both dinners and never had the chance to shoot a single photo of the surrounding… at least I got to sleep more than 4 hours last night, so it worth staying in instead of going out. In the past I could compromise my sleep in order to go sightseeing, now after all these trips it looks like I prefer to cover my basic needs (e.g. sleep) before doing anything else. Maybe I am getting really used in seeing new places or just getting old…

I like to use the metro, get mixed with local people, see things and smell the air. Being one of the locals is not easy but some things help, like walking in the city and using public transport instead of taxi. Today I expect more free time in the evening so I hope that I will have the chance to go around and see things.

View from the Movenpick breakfast lounge
I am staying in Movenpick hotel, one of the best hotels that I have seen during my (numerous) trips around Europe: The room is really classy but with no eccentricities, well-designed and really comfortable. The bed is really nice, with comfortable pillows and mattress, full of amenities, such as free bottled water, a leather armchair with leg-resting support, even a speaker in the bathroom for listening what is currently played in TV while taking a shower! Breakfast buffet is also one of the richest and more tasty that I have ever tasted, demanding for sufficient time to be spent there. It is really strange that the room was not really expensive, at least compared to other European hotels of the same class…

I hope that it will not rain again today. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


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