Halbike 22-09-2011: 30+ km

Today it was the time for another Halbike, after I received a call from Stavros. Last time I was disappointed by the route, but this time I checked it beforehand and it looked great! Almost 23 km in wide, big roads and a large part was almost outside Athens, in the suburbs.

Indeed the ride was great, much better than the previous one; we had the chance to speed up, stop, slow down, speed up again without causing trouble to the rest of the team and slow all people down. No traffic lights, no traffic, only a few cars,  just open roads for us! I think that this time there were even more people than the previous time: this Halbike is a big success!

Riding the bike in such an easy and “open-roads” route is great, as it lets me clear my mind, forget about everything and focus on the route and the surroundings. Indeed, I returned home exhausted but really happy and revitalized! More than 30 km in total today, more than I could expect.


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