Sucker for tablet

I have to admit that I am a sucker for a tablet: During the last months I have been searching for information on specific models, reading reviews, checking prices… they’re still damn expensive! After evaluating two different iPads (9.7 inch screen), I think I will go for a 10-inch Android tablet, probably no 3G (to save money – it adds to the price) but with a dual-core CPU @ 1GHz (at least) and 8GBs or more of storage (apart from the SD card).

There are some rather cheap solutions out there (like the ZTE V9 and the Huawei S7 Ideos) but they feature a 7-inch screen, low resolution (480 x 800) and a rather slow processor. Since I haven’t seen any of these in action I am a little worried about their performance. On the other hand, these may be sufficient for my everyday use, therefore saving me a significant amount of money!

Huawei IDEOS S7 (photo taken from

It seems that I will have to wait for some months more… in some cases, these weak machines are even more expensive than a fully-featured laptop! I think that this will changed in the next months…


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