Halbike 07-09-2011: (re)-join the team!

Stavros and me joined the Halbike team after a long time for an urban bicycle ride. There were more bikers than I expected (at least more than expected and seen at the last Halbike ride). It was a long and tiring ride (mostly due to constant stops, too many traffic lights in the city and narrow roads for that many bicycles!) to Pefki, through Marousi, Lykovrysi and other nearby suburbs. Photos from this ride can be found here. It was the first time after a long time that my saddle seemed to hard!

Here are two Dahon folding bikes (my Boardwalk D7 and my pal’s Vitesse D7HG), while waiting for the last suburban train back home. We were both tired and sleepy!

It was really nice to see some friends from the past, like Cemis, Sotiris and George as well as this massive participation at the Halbike. However I felt too old to follow such routes, stopping all the time at traffic lights and narrow roads. Maybe I was spoiled by my daily routes to office and back, where I get to stop nowhere but my final destination!


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