Damn strikes of public means of transportation…

I live just 10 km from the Athens International Airport, and I travel quite often by plane for business purposes. I really can’t tell how many times I have been forced to spend the night before a flight at my parents’ house (near a metro station), because of strikes in the Suburban railway station (which always affects the operation of Metro regarding stations to and from the airport)… This means that I have to get up really early and catch the bus to the airport, thus extending my trip by about an hour.

I have a flight to catch on Tuesday, when the really common strike of (malfunctioning) Suburban railway has been announced. I thought that I would have to follow the same procedure of staying at my parents’ house overnight, so I prepared and took my suitcase there from today. However, I was informed that there would be a general strike of the public means of transportation, so no bus for me!

I really have no other option apart from calling a taxi (more than 2o euros from my place to the airport!) or have my wife wake up much earlier than she expected in order to get me to the airport… and she’s currently sick.

Enough with the strikes! It seems that the only ones affected by them are us, common people who use the public means of transportation for going to work. I cannot see how the politicians who voted for these actions are affected by these strikes. The employees have probably arranged their day-off during the days of strike (it’s really common for them to be sick or on day-off during the strikes!), so they will be paid anyway. I am sure that they don’t even know the purpose of their strike, apart from seeing their (illegal) extra payments being reduced or totally cut.

Why should we go through all this mess for their cause? Why do we pay the sequences of it, instead of those who should (but don’t)?

I only see one solution: Make these organizations private, in order to have these people start really working!  We will be more than glad to welcome them to the club of the private-working people, just for them to see what a real job is out there…

Btw, the price of the tickets for these “services” has been increased by almost 30% since the beginning of 2011… but where are these “services”?


2 thoughts on “Damn strikes of public means of transportation…

  1. Yes but have in mind that public transportation (or if you prefer mass transportation) is a traditionally public service. It is NEVER a good thing to let private companies to handle them. NEVER. If private companies will get take over the operation of the metro for example, you will see even more expensive tickets and even more delays. And this is something taught in the university, not some random talk. Public transportations is always something that doesn’t bring profit to goverments and they would love to give this to private companies and just collect the fees. Be careful what you wish for…

    1. I just want to see the public means of transportation work properly. With all these lazy people hired to do this job, such thing is not possible. There needs to be a reconstruction of the whole system, therefore some people need to be more productive or start looking for a job… and I am not really sure that people who are used to work like that will be able to cope up with normal production rates!

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