Sunday’s drivers

If you visit Greece on weekends, especially on Sunday you will have the chance to meet those infamous Sunday’s or weekend’s drivers!

Who are they?

  • People who drive all week but are really stressed and “restricted” by driving daily to work, in traffic jams, passing through numerous traffic lights. They feel so pissed of driving so slowly that they take advantage of the lighter traffic during weekends and they run. They run everywhere, in highways and small roads, passing through red lights, passing by other cars where they shouldn’t but they really don’t care.
  • People who do not have experience in driving, even though they have a driving license. They take advantage of the lighter traffic during weekends and they go out for (usually) pointless rides. They are still scared and inexperienced though, so they tend to do unpredictable things in road, such as stay in the left lane with low speed, stop instantly without alarm lights, turn left/right without the use of indicator lights etc.
  • Old people who live in their apartments during the week and they have the chance to out during the weekend, to get some sun, see their grandchildren etc. They lack reflexes though (some of them can hardly see or hear!), and it is not common in Greece to have their driving licenses re-evaluated or removed… they are usually driving slow, they have no sense of space and movement and usually drive old cars with severe damages.
  • Young kids who are allowed to take their parents’ car only during the weekend. They love speed and they don’t realize how dangerous this may be. They tend to push the car to its limits without taking into consideration the poor service of the car and its bad overall condition. For them it’s like playing a racing game, trying to impress their friends.

What do they have in common?

  • They refuse to use indicator lights, so you don’t know where they are going to turn and if they are going to pass your car or the car next to you etc.
  • They think that the road belongs to them so they are free to do whatever they want, e.g. park on the right lane of a highway (no parking allowed there though…).
  • They think that everyone is going on a pointless ride during weekends, so they should have no problem driving at 40 km/h in an empty road. In case you are in a real hurry to catch a plane or do something important, you have to argue with them.
  • They are really dangerous: Either they run fast or they go slow; in both cases they create a problem and it is most likely this will lead to a car accident (it is strange but they usually seem to get away with it!). We had three cars today, one behind the other, driving at 30 km/h in a highway with one lane for about 5 km… after a while we started using our car horns in order to “motivate” them and we found out that they were all looking for the same tavern! What a waste of (our) time…
  • They piss off every normal driver!
  • The sign of reaper on their car…

I think that a lot more could be added here, but I really lack the time to go into deeper thinking and details so I will stop here. Period.


3 thoughts on “Sunday’s drivers

  1. Σε βρήκα τελικά που γυρνάς.
    Διάβασα και τι έγινε στο blog του DPGR (τέλος καλό, όλα καλά).
    Η υγεία καλά, το ξεπέρασες;
    Άντε να δούμε πότε θα τα πούμε.

    1. Ουδέν κρυπτόν υπό του ηλίου… χαίρομαι που σε βλέπω κι εδώ Σταύρο! Καλά πάνε όλα, αλλά με τρελούς ρυθμούς. Ελπίζω να τα πούμε σύντομα και να πάρουμε και τα Dahonάκια μας μαζί!
      Το F2G το έχεις καταργήσει?

      1. Υπάρχει το F2G αλλά το φορτίζω όποτε το θυμηθώ.

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