Officially sick

This day was awful: I went to bed at about 23.00, feeling really cold. At 02.30 I woke up due to high fever. I had to eat something before taking a medicine, so I attacked my fridge! After taking my medicine I starter sweating so I couldn’t sleep…

Time was 04.30 when I finished a cup of tea and fell asleep again. Woke up by the alarm clock at 07.00 but I felt so exhausted that I just went back to sleeping…

I finally woke up at about 09.30, and felt hot again. Took a warm shower and a pill and started sweating again; I gave up the idea of going to the office and decided to visit a doctor.

The doctor examined me and told me I have respiratory infection and I need rest, antibiotics, pills for the fever and for my throat and plenty of water.

Time is 23.00 and I am still sweating… I feel exhausted and my bones hurt.


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