Don’t anything online for granted

…I just thought when I tried after a long time to access my digital collection of photos (in a nicely presented portfolio) that I had created online using the free online fotopic service. In fact I had taken some nice (?) photos and I thought to update my collection there by adding new stuff. However, when I tried to access fotopic I got the following screen:

End_of_fotopic I was really sad to see this message. I have been a user of fotopic for quite a long time and I really liked its interface. It provided an easy way to organize photos using a lot of different options available even for the free accounts. I also kept receiving some emails about subscription offers (larger space provided, lower subscription, paraphernalia etc.) during this time. However, it seems that in this time of financial problems, crisis and abundance of similar free options, fotopic did not make it…

I had a number of photos there, nicely organized and most of them described with metadata. I suppose they will also be somewhere in my hard disk or backup disk or my backup dvds. However, it will be hard for me (if not impossible) to reorganize these photos and upload them somewhere else. I really hope that fotopic will provide us with a way to move/migrate them to another similar service, to save what it can be saved.

It seems that it is a good thing that I have my photos scattered in various portfolios all over internet. This is not good for organizing photos but it seems that it will save me time when facing situations like this. After all, I had created these different portfolios with different usage in mind for each case, so they served rather different purposes.


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