A missed photographic opportunity…

I went for a walk with my girlfriend at the center of Athens on Saturday evening. The weather was pretty nice, despite the wind and the rather low temperature… at least it was sunny!

On my way to the metro station I was wondering whether I should have taken my Olympus with me (Ε-300, in its bag along with my lenses and paraphernalia) . “Never mind” I though, “that bag is rather heavy… and my girlfriend will complain if I don’t concentrate on her, enjoy our time together and take photos instead”. So I kept walking, took the metro, we met at the center just before sunset and we started walking towards the Syntagma square.

Unfortunately, Murphy’s law found a cozy place in my life for once more! I could see the magnificent colors of the sky at Klafthmonos square, the impressive shadows of the statues, people walking up and down the street full of bags, so I almost regret not taking my Olympus with me!

It started drizzling… we found shelter at a bus stop for a while, waiting for the drizzle to stop. I was watching people rushing now, holding their umbrellas, the pools next to the sidewalk: Ideal subjects for photography but my dSLR was at home, in its bag…

After a while we got bored waiting at the same spot, so we decided to rush toward Syntagma square since the rain was getting stronger and stronger. We sat at the McDonald’s to eat something and to wait until the rains stopped. I was watching people outside the glass, some foreigners picking up the bags they were selling from the sidewalks, people running up and down the street, the open umbrellas, beautiful subjects for photography, but my dSLR was at home, in its bag…

Finally the rain stopped, so we walked to the metro station without having enjoyed our walk and without me having taken a single photo! I was mad at everyone at that time:

  • At Olympus, for making my E-300 thick as a brick an not slim as Ε-410!
  • At Olympus for not producing a pancake lens as Pentax, so as to reduce the volume and weight of the Ε-300!
  • At the Digital Photography industry for producing just one digital TLR (telemetric/rangefinder – the Epson R-D1 Digital RangeFinder) , which may be slim and light but it costs a lot…
  • At me for being lazy and not willing to learn the basics about analog cameras.
  • At society, for not giving me the chance to buy a decent compact for such occasions or even to afford developing films

The only good thing that happened that day was Tassos’s Pagonis photography exhibition at Syntagma metro station, titled Shapes, Colors, Earth“: Simple and beautiful photos, familiar subjects and interesting point of view. That was enough to made my day!


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